I'm New!

New to Trinity Baptist? We’re thrilled! 
Let’s get to know each other.

We’ll go first, so you feel comfortable sharing a bit of information in return with us. 

  • About Us: Find out all about the history of Trinity Baptist and who we are.
  • Our Beliefs: This is where we stand, biblically.
  • Our Staff: Learn about our Pastors.
  • Planning a Visit: Want to know what to expect before your first visit? We answer most common questions here. 
  • Ministries: Connect with church members outside of Sunday service.
  • Events: Take a look at what’s coming up so you can visit and check us out!
Finally, will you share a little bit of information with us?
If you’re planning a visit, please let us know you’re coming! If you’ve got general questions, comments, or prayer requests, Contact us here